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Backup and Data Recovery

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Ensuring the presence of a reliable data backup is not the only aspect which ITM Assist offers in terms of unforeseen emergencies.

As recognized experts in the field,
ITM Assist will establish and furnish your business with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan designed to re-establish standard workflow in as short an amount of time as possible.

One of the most important protections required is a systems backup. The information stored on your PC or network is one of the most important assets of your enterprise, and its total loss may well be a setback which requires years to overcome.

A professional IT disaster recovery plan will protect your business from major hardware crashes, software issues, viruses, user errors or even a complete system failure. Regardless of the scale of the crisis,
ITM Assist can ensure that your invaluable data remains safe and accessible to you – greatly relegating the damage done by otherwise crippling issues.

Creating backups should be your number one priority.
ITM Assist offers data backup service to ensure a copy of your data is stored on a daily basis, which can be securely done either at your premises or remotely by ITM Assist.

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